Plastik test cihazları Plastics test equipment Plastic test equipment; plastic raw materials and products in the manufacture and before shipment to ensure quality control devices.

Testing aplication : VICAT, MFI HDT, SHOREMETER, BURST, Universal testing machines and color testing equpmants are group of plastics testing equpment.
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NDT TAHRİBAT NUMUNE TEST CİHAZLARI NON - DESTRUC TIV TESTING EQUPMENT Without demaging the material properties by means of ultrasonic and technological strength, gap detection, coating thickness measurements as quickly as non-destructive devices are to be made. detail
  • X Ray testing Machines
  • Portable hardness testing equpment
  • Portable ultraconic flow dedector
  • Ultraconic thickness measure
  • Determination of iron reinforcement tester
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